Sales manager
Process air
Michael Vogel


Service and maintenance work in industrial applications and production plants has never been so comfortable before without having to do without highest and energy-efficient performances.
The new, effect-oriented mobile process air – ZAmovevent – is mobile, flexible, comfortable and precisely fulfils the wishes of industry and production. The new concept of mobile process air fans is based on a special, stable roll construction system with basic frame and basic counterframe. It is very light-weight, movable and mobile thanks to its smart steering system.

Energy-saving process air fans now on wheels

The compact process air system can be flexibly removed quickly and easily, comfortably and simply in future to perform service and maintenance work. Not only the new flexibility is a good advertisement for ZAmovevent, however: in particular the high-performance impeller developed based on the latest findings with its backwards-curved blades is as well. The adjusted impeller design ensures best performance and strongly reduces noise. ZAcode (smart regulation and control technology by ZIEHL-ABEGG) permits precise and specific adjustment of the operating point to the desired value to optimise efficiency with a precise volume flow determination. ZAmovevent is flexibly integrated into and adjusted to desired structures. By its performance, it considerably adds to energy cost reductions and safety of production. “We have entirely adjusted to our customers’ needs,” Michael Vogel, sales manager in the area of process air at ZIEHL-ABEGG, says happily. “We do not offer process air off the shelf but we have only satisfied customers. Even greater performance specifically as required, even more user compatibility and even better service.”