Fan system with integrated air guidance and even higher efficiency

The ZApilot ZApilot stands for guiding air flows on the right path for best performance and efficiency. The guide vanes integrated into the system and the standing diffusor convert dynamic pressure to static pressure to increase efficiency. It is an ingenious invention for which a patent is already pending. Held by bionic forces that are very slight but, due to their sophisticated build, uniquely stable, seven backwards-curved blades in sizes 175 to 250 mm are able to hold the bionic module and free-running wheel ZAvblue securely as it turns to make the high performance perfect. Volume flows up to approx. 1,600 m³/h free-blowing, max. static pressure increase up to 1,000 Pa are possible and increase efficiency by up to 10% over the common standards on the market. The smart fan system is very quiet in use and already complies with the demands of tomorrow.

ZAvblue – High efficiency fan

Optimised impeller geometry, best efficiency and an innovative blade design in the smaller sizes; Highest system efficiency – exceeding the common market standards.

Lowest noise level on the market; Available in 5 sizes (175-250)


ECblue55 – The energy-saving motor

Small size, outstanding performance; ECblue motor technology for highest efficiency and greatest energy-saving potential; Adjusted to standard sizes common on the market – suitable for immediate replacement; Now offering comfortable, flexible cable routing.

Flow-optimised suspension

Guide vanes – conversion of dynamic to static pressure by reducing twist

Standing diffusor – conversion of dynamic to static pressure by targeted increase of the flow cross-section

Integrated inlet nozzle – possibility to attach a suction-side safety grid (simple installation by integrated pin)



ZApilot – Living bionics
Implemented on the factory premises of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE Kupferzell. Günther-Ziehl-Straße 1 >>