The ZIEHL-ABEGG Christmas bus

Once again, the ZAwheel Christmas bus is back on the streets and Christmas markets this year. The ZAwheel Christmas bus is almost inaudible when it drives through the winter’s snow without contaminating the environment at all. Why the globally unique blue Christmas bus is able to do all of this is easy to explain: Equipped with the latest generation of the gearless electrical wheel hub drive ZAwheel, the blue bus drives through town cleanly and quietly, without producing any emissions and at best efficiency. Of course, the blue Christmas Ice Man is once again on tour with it this year. Santa had given him this fantastic Christmas bus one Christmas, to let him to good and bring joy to children. The blue Christmas Ice Man with his great bleu vehicle has made many children’s eyes shine when he told his story of how Santa gave him the emission-free, noiseless blue Christmas bus.

Of course, the blue Christmas Ice Man brings along blue chocolate Christmas Ice Men and the Christmas tale about him, Santa and the blue ZAwheel Christmas bus.

Anyone interested can read more about the modern wheel-hub drive concept ZAwheel by ZIEHL-ABEGG AUTOMOTIVE here.