ZIEHL-ABEGG develops and builds special large fans for paint shops

ZIEHL-ABEGG will be involved when a large new automotive factory is taken into operation in the Chinese harbour city of Tianjin next year: 26 special large fans will supply the paint lanes with fresh supply air.

The factory is built by VW, Audi and joint venture partner FAW (First Automotive Works). According to media reports, it is a three-billion-dollar project that will create 6,000 jobs in the Chinese harbour city of Tianjin. The new factory is to be taken into operation in 2018 and produce 300,000 vehicles per year. Tianjin will be the 107th factory of Volkswagen group – and the company’s 18th production site in China.

The large fans by ZIEHL-ABEGG partially blow up to 140,000 cubic metres per hour into the building. This corresponds to 200 times the room volume of an average single-family home. “The customer has chosen our fans because we were able to convince with our design and construction,” says Matthias Roll, export sales manager at ZIEHL-ABEGG.

The company from Künzelsau uses fans with best efficiency, which made it possible to choose smaller motors. “This saves power in operation,” Roll emphasises. Since impellers with a higher power density were used, the fan as a whole can be kept smaller – while maintaining the same air output.

Nevertheless, the small fans weigh up to three tons. In several tranches, the finished fans are loaded into large sea freight containers (40 foot) in the Kupferzell factory, taken to the Hamburg harbour by truck and then shipped to China on a six-week voyage. “We expect that the customs formalities will take another ten days,” says Roll. Then all products will be stored in the Chinese factory of ZIEHL-ABEGG in Shanghai until they are needed on the construction site.