30 efficient customised process air fans of ZIEHL-ABEGG for the semi-conductor production in China


With an efficiency of 80%, volume flows exceeding 120,000 m3/h, at an impeller scope of nearly 2 metres and a drive output of 160 kW in the luggage, to name just some of its offers, the more than man-high process air fans of ZIEHL-ABEGG set out on their long and adventurous travel to their destination in Shanghai. Everything has been perfectly prepared. The professional crew of ZIEHL-ABEGG, process are division, is fully adjusted to these business processes. They are one of the specialties of the process air experts at ZIEHL-ABEGG, who do not offer process air off the rack. Instead, they produce precisely adjusted to the requirements of the applications needed.

We need the technical data of a planned facility and then develop the required process air fans in well-founded highly innovative engineering work. No matter how large or what performance requirements they have to meet: The end result will be highly efficient process air that surpasses the current standards by far. The fans are produced individually, with every step thought through in detail. Every production ends with a large test chamber where each fan is once again tested in the sensitive and strict final inspection.

We make air cleaner than it is in nature
The framework conditions of the application for the Make-Up-Air-Unit, in short: MAU, in a clean room to produce semi-conductor parts are harsh, demanding and unavoidable. Our fans are integrated in the supply air system. They take in outdoor air that must be cleaned with special filters. Every detail is of the essence, since requirements to the environment in the future workplace of the large fans are 100% stipulated by the client and must be met. The air in clean rooms must be cleaner than nature can achieve. This is about precisely and reliably controlled humidity and permanently correct temperatures, as well as adjusted noise behaviour in spite of the large air volumes.

Certified in all areas, which means that not only the fan but every single part from the spring to the sticker corresponds to the strict directives and requirements of the supervisory authorities at the destination of the smart giants from Kupferzell – in this case: Shanghai/China. 30 of these process-air giants are ready for delivery for the pioneering project of a global player in Shanghai at ZIEHL-ABEGG. The construction project in Cathay can, however, only commence when the process air has arrived. Nothing goes without ZIEHL-ABEGG. Only once the large fans are on site and have found their place can construction commence. The process air forms the air core around which the future building will be set up. Timely delivery becomes all the more relevant because of this. It is another area where ZIEHL-ABEGG shows outstanding results. Everything from production to transport has been prepared in minute detail and buffers have been planned for all contingencies. Even hurricane Harvey, which was massively in the way of the planned travelling concept couldn’t stop the blue process air in the end. Everything went to plan. “Now it’s the others’ turn,” says Michael Vogel, head of sales for process fans and Matthias Roll, international sales manager. “Our process air is ready, and will ensure best air-technical working conditions in this project as well without any deafening noise and at lower power consumption”.

Process air fan PK124.6X7.BA.ML
Delivery scope: 30 units
Impeller diameter: 1834 mm
Power: Drive output motor 160 KW
Total efficiency: 80%
Operating point: 120,000 m3/h volume flow at a pressure loss of 3027Pa
Site of use/town: Shanghai, China (Economic Development Zone)
Task of the fans: application in clean room for production of semi-conductor parts. Installation of fans in the supply air system – “Make-Up-Air-Unit” or in short: MAU (= air conditioning unit).