02/18  Magnificently glazed, the “Nelson Mandelabrug” is towering over two railway lines and the A12 motorway in Zoetermeer, in the province of South Holland, between Utrecht and Den Haag, Netherlands in the town’s colours of blue and yellow. It connects the Place of the United Nations in the city quarter of Rokkeveen, south of the A12 motorway, to the Boerhaavelaan in the Driemanspolder quarter north of the national road. Built in 1992 for the international horticulture exhibition “Floriade” that takes place every ten years, it has long stopped being an architectural eye-catcher, but instead has become one of the most important connections between the two quarters for pedestrians and cyclists. More than two decades old, however, it had aged somewhat, so that the town of Zoetermeer decided to have it comprehensively modernised, which also included renewing the two access areas.

New escalators were to be installed here, and a modern lift construction was to be integrated centred between them. Movares Niederlande B.V. and Möhringer Liften B.V. were the right contacts for the demanding project execution. Because these special technical and constructional requirements in the area of lift technology required highest precision, efficiency and technology innovations, it was not surprising that the high-tech lift motors of ZIEHL-ABEGG were needed for it. Specifically, the compact, strong ZAtop lift motor was needed, characterised by its permanently excited gearless drive with high energy efficiency and low-noise operation. The ZAtop SM225.60B-20 was used with a 320 mm sheave. The new lift at the access areas of the “Nelson Mandela Brug” facilitates in particular the transport of people with heavy luggage, bicycles or persons with disabilities. It adds another eye-catcher to the overall impressive glass bridge structure. Even the “Elevator World” magazine from the international building and transport industry declared the design of the Mandelabrug with its lift and escalators the winner of a photography competition in its August issue. A long-term partner of Möhringer Liften B.V., ZIEHL-ABEGG is happy about the trust placed in it. As a global market leader in technology, its sees its high-tech products in use at the important hubs around the world and sustainably works towards innovations.
Picture source: Movares Nederland B.V. We thank Movares Nederland B.V. for the pictures provided to ZIEHL-ABEGG

ZIEHL-ABEGG elevator drive:
Type: ZAtop SM225.60B-20
Machine positioned on top, in the shaft
320 mm sheave
1 m/s running speed
4.9 m transport height