ZAvblue RH20V – the new standard

New Acoustic Star of Controlled Living Space Ventilation

02/18  The new acoustic star ZAvblue RH20V is a silent, highly efficient and compact addition to the fan world for living space ventilation. This new fan supplements the successful ZAvblue series with its special bionic blade concept and new sizes. Developed specifically for the area of controlled living space ventilation, the new fan with its compact dimensions offers excellent results even in very narrow installation conditions. With another static efficiency increase of up to 40 % and drastically reduced acoustic values by up to 4 dB on the intake and outlet sides, ZIEHL-ABEGG sets a new standard in controlled living space ventilation with the ZAvblue RH20V.
The impressive acoustic advantage of the ZAvblue RH20V goes beyond anything previously known. Combined with the high-tech power-saving motor ECblue 55, the air change is nearly noiseless. The blue technology by ZIEHL-ABEGG turns every ventilation system not only into the new standard, but also into a figurehead of economic, gentle and efficient living space ventilation.

ECblue55 – The Energy-Saving Motor

Small size, extraordinary performance. ECblue motor technology represents the highest efficiency and greatest energy savings potentials. The ECblue is easy to handle and has a comfortable and flexible cable routing.