ZAcube stands for modernisation – from zero to a 100% highly efficient ventilation within a record time

05/18  The newest modernisation project by ZIEHL-ABEGG shows that it is worth is to focus on future and RETROFITBLUE by and with ZIEHL-ABEGG. This is exactly what the company RGS Technischer Service GmbH, Ingolstadt, Germany, did when it started its cooperation with ZIEHL-ABEGG for a big, upcoming reconstruction project in Ingolstadt. Now, as long-standing partner of ZIEHL-ABEGG, RGS knows the reliability of the products and the guarantee of being offered the best solution ever for this project.

The modernisation measure task concerned the substitution of an existing ventilation system of the year 1996 in the context of the reconstruction process with existing belt driven fans without big structural modifications and/or the change with efficient and future-oriented technology.

After a first assessment and meticulous scanning of the of the conditions executed on situ, in collaboration with RGS, the engineers of ZIEHL-ABEGG, on the basis of the most innovating conception programs, started to create the technical conditions and requirements for the right products. In the context of this project, after the evaluation of the calculation data and facts, the technicians and engineers of ZIEHL-ABEGG decided to use the modern fan system ZAcube, a highly efficient fan group. ZAcube predestined for a quick and uncomplicated setup was the ideal solution because of its compact and square-shaped structure.

As promised to the customer, without major reconstruction measures, within a very short setup and assembly time, now 18 modern ZAcube fan systems could offer their efficient service, where recently old and totally inefficient, big belt driven fans had provided loud and inefficient air circulation. In the modern ZAcube, a highly efficient impeller made of premium composite material with seven curved, bionically designed vanes provides an exceptional and energy-saving performance. The system is driven by the ECblue engine technology, the blue and continuously adjustable energy-saving engine.

However, the “icing on the cake”, contributing to the absolute uniqueness of this system, is the intelligent protective cover “Premium Optimizer”. It does not just increase the performance curve of the fan, but also permits to rapidly remove the cover by one click which assures an uncomplicated access to the fan. This constellation completely complies with the hygiene rules of RLT by permitting its use also for medical and clean room applications. The compact, square-shaped fan cube promises future users the easiest installation and annual savings of 10.512 €, with an amortisation of the newly installed fans within only 1.7 years. In the future, also the citizens of Ingolstadt will benefit from the use of the blue technology. Savings of 40.1 tons emissions is the answer of ZIEHL-ABEGG to the question concerning environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Modernisation of a ventilation system from the year 1996 by 18 highly efficient ZAcube fan systems. 9 fans on the supply air side, and 9 fans on the exhaust air side as fan groups in parallel operation.

Savings / optimisations:
• Annual savings of 10,577 € (with 0.15 € pro kWh)
• Annual savings of 70,512 kWh
• Reduction in power consumption from 78 kW to 55 kW – reduction by 29%
• Amortisation of the newly installed fans within 1.7 years
• Amortisation of the whole reconstruction measure within 2.7 years (including the reconstruction performance by RGS)
• Annual CO2 savings: 40.1 tons / year
• Volume flow reserve of 12%
• Guaranteed redundancy (two fans) without volume flow loss
• Easiest installation of the fans using the staircase without auxiliary means, etc.
• Very easy handling, simple installation (a ZAcube unit weighs only 53kg)
• Variable controllability of the installed ECblue fans
• Reduced operating noise levels – no silencers needed
• Maintenance-friendly
• Highly improved flow conditions
• Rapid reconstruction by our customer RGS

RGS Technischer Service GmbH participated in the project
“Roller Ingolstadt” as executing partner