Glazed, light-flooded, bright and …

blue high-tech efficiency wherever you look

Cpro ZAmid®, the blue high-efficiency impeller wheel, just produced in the new plastic production, close enough to be touched by Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (second from the right) and presented by chairman of the board Peter Fenkl, shareholder Dennis Ziehl and supervisory board chairman Uwe Ziehl (from the left)
Autograph session: (from the left) Peter Fenkl, Uwe Ziehl, Sindia Ziehl – shareholder of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Dennis Ziehl
Chatting: (from the left) Arnulf Freiherr von Eyb with Dr. Matthias Neth – county commissioner of the Hohenlohe district

06/18  This is the standard of the new high-tech factory of ZIEHL-ABEGG, and this is how the company’s management presented it to the many invited guests on 8 June 2018, the day of the official opening ceremony, in Kupferzell. Among the guests from economy and politics were Baden-Württemberg’s minister of economic affairs and labour, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, who had already attended the ground-breaking ceremony in late 2016. In her speech, she congratulated those responsible at ZIEHL-ABEGG SE to their successful production expansion, calling the new site a clear commitment of the company to the region. Overwhelmed by the bright, pioneering design inside the production hall and the clear architectural lines on the outside, she also emphasised the amazing economic situation and the continuous economic growth of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE. The products to be made in this new factory in future, the minister says, are in high demand around the globe.

The subsequent tour showed the guests clearly that this innovative production plant produces a double helping of very special high-tech.

It all starts with the new, hyper-modern plastic production machines that enable production of the blue high-class fans developed based on smart bionic concepts in injection moulding. The blue fans with their significant bionic shapes are produced by injection-moulding, using perfected tools and the highly sophisticated ZAmid® composite, without which they wouldn’t be possible in the first place. From plastic production, the plant continues immediately with production of the ECblue motors – very special energy-saving motors that are in high demand around the world. This is where the blue impellers are equipped with their blue motors in order to become one of the unbeatable high-tech fans from the Royal League of ZIEHL-ABEGG. The skilfully interlinked production processes will more than double the production capacity of ZIEHL-ABEGG in future. The modern integrated, glazed open-plan office gallery that offers a smooth transfer from the inside of production to the commercial area of the building tract and is bordered by a distinctive blue facade on the outside completes the glazed production area.

Fascinating glazed open-plan office atmosphere in the new ZIEHL-ABEGG production plant, above the actual production operation.
Peter Fenkl, chairman of the board of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE, talking to Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, minister of economic affairs and labour of Baden-Württemberg
Dr. Klaus Weiß (right), director of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE, demonstrates the production of the globally established energy-saving motor ECblue to his interested guest.
From the left: Elke Döring, main managing director of IHK Heilbronn-Franken, Harald Unkelbach, IHK president, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Dennis Ziehl with wife, Arnulf Freiherr von Eyb