How would you like to have your fan?:

Aluminium, Steel or High-quality plastic …

09/18 Fans from your desired material of aluminium, steel or plastics, and everything from a single source – that is unique and makes the difference between ZIEHL-ABEGG and other providers in terms of ventilation technology.
Demands have increased and expectations are high. A modern fan is facing immense requirements that have long stopped being only about meeting the wishes of users and their requirements, or about keeping up with ventilation-technical standards. Legal directives necessarily stipulate around the world what a fan must be able to do. Only by permanently and innovatively complying with the further development of products and processes will it be possible to keep up and excellently serve the market.

ZIEHL-ABEGG with its product range is among the leading air technology companies around the world – Leading air technology – worldwide. . In its development centre at the main site in Künzelsau, Germany, the standards of future products are determined and developed. ZIEHL-ABEGG offers its widespread offer of bionic high-tech fans of all colours, sizes and demands in various designs concerning materials such as steel, aluminium and plastics, equipped with power-saving ECblue high-tech motor technology or special ZIEHL-ABEGG AC motor technology and/or other customised specifications, we can easily ask our customers: How would you like to have your fan?

 Find a brief material overview below:

Aluminum has all the advantages of a light metal, which allows versatile use in practice. The light metal aluminum has a comparatively low density, but nevertheless has a very high strength. Another positive feature is the very good electrical conductivity and the corrosion resistance, by the so-called self-protection (formation of an oxide layer) aluminum is impact resistance and can be recycled without loss of quality.

• Corrosion resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Durable
• Conductive
• Hygienic
• Low maintenance

Steel is diverse with its strong and reliable properties, and can be used even in extreme applications. Steel has a very high durability and is particularly suitable for use under high thermal stress.

• Corrosion-resistant
• Long-lived
• High temperature-resiliance
• High stability
• Lowest maintenance effort
• Long-lived and resistant to rotting
• Environmentally compatible

Modern composites offer an Impressive range of benefits. For example, ZAmid® technology (a specifically developed composite plastic by ZIEHL-ABEGG) particularly benefits of high stability and strength. Highest demands to form and designs are possible as well, covering future-oriented technologies. The extremely light weight of the material without losing strength makes application in use and assembly very simple. Modern plastic is up to competing with other materials in terms of thermal demands as well. Corrosion-resistant.

• Corrosion-resistant
• Long-lived
• Temperature-resilient
• Very low weight
• High stability
• Efficient design options
• Process-safe use
• Strengths similar to those of steel
• Not rotting
• Environmentally compatible