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09/18 A work drawing is raised to art

“Norm Aufzüge AG Bern” equipped its in-house lift car with an extraordinary idea. Norm Aufzüge did something that no one else has dared yet. Entering the lift to get to the second floor, one will find a true experience of art. Blue-lit glazed walls show work drawings and parts of the system diagram for the lift project inside the entire car, conveying a strong design with a scientific appearance and fascination to the user. The great idea for this came to the lift constructors in the scope of the new construction of the business building. Today, the lift system in the business building reliably, gently and soundlessly runs dozens of times every day from the workshop in the lower part of the building to the company’s offices above. Equipped with state-of-the-art lift motor technology by ZIEHL-ABEGG, such as the ZAtop SM200.40C and the smart high-tech control technology ZAdyn, the successful project turns into a true highlight in the building. It is a perfect cooperation of components. Norm Aufzüge AG Bern have been relying on the drive and control technology by ZIEHL-ABEGG for many years.

Elevator drive ZAtop SM200.40C

Control technology: ZAdyn 4CS032 with electronic brake control ZAsbc4C

At a glance
Drive: ZAtop SM200.40C
Control technology: ZAdyn 4CS032

Data of the elevator system
System type: MRL, machine at the top of the shaft
Payload: 1500 kg
Suspension: 2:1
Transport height: 11 m
Travelling speed: 1 m/s
Sheave: 240 mm
Cables: 6 x 8,1 mm (CTP)

State-of-the-art elevator and control technology by ZIEHL-ABEGG

The world-renowned elevator motors of the ZAtop series are available in any conceivable size and for any application