Revolution on the train roof

…or: innovation does not stop at the rail network.

12/18  With the new ZAplus energy-saving fan system certified for fire protection, trains can now finally also run economically and efficiently over the rails. Up to now, the axial fans on train roofs have always been made of metal due to fire protection; the same applied to the suspension. But that’s over now. ZIEHL-ABEGG revolutionises with its fan system ZAplus made of the new thermoplastic fiber composite material ZAmid® pro the roofs of trains or the complete railway technology.

The highly demanding composite material ZAmid® was already developed by ZIEHL-ABEGG in 2011 for the production of efficient, bionic fans and was awarded numerous prizes. Now it has reached another level of sophisticated properties. The plastics development specialists at ZIEHL-ABEGG have succeeded in equipping the thermoplastic fibre composite material with fire-resistant components without losing the recognised advantages of ZAmid. ZAmid®pro has already been awarded the fire protection certificate. ZAmid®pro reduces the weight of the fan by up to 40 percent – a weight that neither needs to be moved when the unit is in operation, nor does it have to be moved around by train for long periods of time. Since both the fan blades and the one-shot nozzle with integrated motor suspension are made of the high-performance composite material, these elements can be optimally aerodynamically designed. This increases the overall efficiency of the fan system and additionally saves energy during operation. As air conditioning systems are known to be one of the largest energy consumers in trains, this saving brings immense economic advantages for the operators.

ZIEHL-ABEGG offers the new ZAplus system for railway technology both with classic AC motors and with energy-saving EC motors. EC motors have the advantage that the speed can be infinitely adjusted according to cooling power requirements or, for example, when entering railway stations. In addition to energy savings, this also results in an audible noise reduction for residents and railway customers alike.

ZAmid®pro   Certified for fire protection 

The bionic fan blades as well as the nozzle with integrated motor suspension of the ZAplus fan system are made of the high performance composite material ZAmid® pro. The ZAmid® technology from ZIEHL-ABEGG, which has been successful and proven for many years, was further developed. With ZAmid® pro, it has been possible to meet fire protection requirements such as those required by the railways for fans in use.

The extraordinary, highly flexible and yet steel-hard composite material, which is now also available as a certified fire protection version, makes it possible to produce the sophisticated products of ZIEHL-ABEGG with their bionic design optimally aerodynamically and with all filigree shapes. One of the most successful and significant results is, for example, the increase in the overall efficiency of the fan system.