Oneway – Newly developed single-pipe air duct for intelligent and precise air ducting for motor cooling.


The new ZAventero fan revolutionises canteen kitchens, oil separation systems, suction systems and more

01/19  The new ZIEHL-ABEGG fan ZAventero, which was developed for use in canteen kitchens or oil separation and extraction systems, is adapted to the specific requirements of the user market in these industries. With the high static system efficiency of up to 60% that the fan has to offer, it promises high savings potential in operating costs. The developers of the new fan have designed a so-called single-pipe air supply for the important motor cooling. This intelligent air ducting allows the air flow to glide on a direct path to the modern, highly efficient ECblue motor. The futuristic, straight-lined box design with no unnecessary obstruction in the air flow reduce the cleaning effort and ensure that cleaning measures can be carried out quickly and easily. In practice ZAventero – which is otherwise called star fan – gives its users, such as cooks, kitchen staff, etc., the unbeatable advantage of a super-quiet extraction system. Star cuisine can therefore look forward to the future and create the highest enjoyment undisturbed. It goes without saying that the new fan meets the requirements of VDI 2052 – 10.4.5 – parallel control of supply and exhaust air fan – thanks to the efficient ZIEHL-ABEGG ECblue motor technology, and of course system solutions and thus simple operation and installation are also possible.

All in all, the new powerful star fan ZAventero is a successful revolution, for canteen kitchens, oil separation systems, suction systems and more.

ZAventero – Straightforward modern box design for easy assembly and easy cleaning