The Three Wise Men
on the road with ZAwheel® bus

The Spanish bus manufacturer UNVI also relies on the sustainable gearless ZAwheel® electric wheel hub drive from ZIEHL-ABEGG for special bus applications.


Once a year, every city in Spain prepares itself for the reception of the Three Wise Men, according to an ancient tradition. This ceremony, which has taken place since 1885, is always celebrated on the evening before January 6 with a large procession and many colourful floats through the cities. So also in Ourense, the city with over 105,000 inhabitants, in the Spanish region of Galicia. Everyone, but especially the children, have been eagerly anticipating this colourful event for weeks.

The Spanish bus manufacturer UNVI, known for its sightseeing buses, whose company and production are based in Ourense, was of course also present at the parade. Especially for this large parade, lined with thousands of visitors, the company, which is committed to sustainability in the construction of its buses, redesigned one of its most efficient buses and had it re-foiled with the Three Wise Men, their camels and colourful gift packages on it. The sightseeing bus used for the move owes its first-class efficiency values and the rating “sustainability” to the excellent gearless ZAwheel® electric wheel hub drive. So the special tourist bus could participate completely without emissions, without air pollution and without noise in the parade and the enthusiastic spectators could enjoy without remorse and smelly odours responsibly, with many fine surprises.

The company can comply with the issued golden rule of the company UNVI “Minimise environmental impact by manufacturing buses for the future: buses with reduced or no fuel consumption and zero emissions” with all due justification. With the beginning of the cooperation and the use of the gearless and emission-free wheel hub drive ZAwheel® developed by ZIEHL-ABEGG in the buses, the ambitious environmental goals have been achieved. UNVI buses drive with ZAwheel® 100% environmentally friendly, silent and highly efficient.

ZAwheel® the drive system with the greatest energy saving

ZAwheel® is clearly ahead in the energy balance:
The list of advantages includes energy savings of approx. 75% compared to diesel-powered buses and energy savings of up to 15% compared to other electric motor concepts.

The ZAwheel® axle drive module
The UNVI bus on its way to the reception of the Three Wise Men in Ourense
The exuberant cheerfulness of all those involved in the move to Ourense