Wir warten nicht auf neueste Richtlinien

We are ahead of them as always


Highest efficiency, bionic concepts and sustainability are the recipe for success of our fans for the future markets of the world. The intelligently developed fans are perfectly adapted to their tasks by incorporating bionic features and the latest technologies. Based on incredible development work the products made of steel, aluminium or the most modern high-tech composite materials as well as the most modern ECblue motor technology have been precisely tested in our own Amca-certified test chambers for fans – by the way the largest of their kind in the world – and are awarded the ZIEHL-ABEGG value mark of the royal class – Premium Quality and Premium Efficiency. In the end, our fan systems not only save a revolutionary amount of energy costs in their application and at the same time significantly reduce CO2 emissions, they are environmentally friendly, super quiet and all this at the highest efficiency values with successful operating results.

The calculation for this success is quite simple: Every day, billions of fans work in various machines, processes, wind turbines, trains or ships, industrial halls, most buildings, blast furnaces, and so on, all over the world. It is impossible to list all situations in which fans are used everywhere for the purpose of climate, ventilation of products, processes or simply to feel good.

An immense energy expenditure whose financial dimensions or even the CO2 emission at the end cannot be calculated any more.

Therefore, it is up to the manufacturing industry to meet the challenges of today’s demands to protect the world for future generations. ZIEHL-ABEGG has been setting an example for many years with its corporate philosophy “We make our earth a bit more blue”.

This also includes the newly created high-tech platform “ZAbluegalaxy”, the first cloud-based platform for ventilation technology, control technology and drive technology, which enables control and monitoring of all intelligent products and applications in use worldwide and thus opens up a highly secure path to so-called predictive maintenance and provides an overview, for example, of energy consumption and costs, important business data and much more.

We are not waiting for the latest guidelines

We are not waiting for the latest guidelines, on the contrary, we are always ahead of them, that is the motto of ZIEHL-ABEGG. The outstanding fans, the extremely demanding and cost-intensive development work associated with them and the manufacture of almost all products in our own company on state-of-the-art production machines are a prime example of innovation, applied sustainability and intelligent technology. The best saving tip in terms of energy cost reduction and CO2 emissions as well as the best tip for pleasant, quiet operating acoustics and maximum efficiency. The ZIEHL-ABEGG motto “Always one step ahead of the future” is based on excellent engineering knowledge, foresighted thinking and careful economic action at all levels.