Bionic, blue and Saving on Energy

High-tech plastic rotors in the new Kupferzell production centre

06/19  These are the pioneering high-tech plastic rotors, which are produced here in the new Kupferzell production centre at ZIEHL-ABEGG in countless numbers and different sizes one after another, piece by piece, or sprayed, pressed and churned out from the most modern array of highly complex injection moulding machines. The seemingly never-ending source of high-grade, malleable composite material inside the impressive injection moulding machine is processed by powerful, well-engineered tools, which are capable of producing such technical masterpieces, such as the ZAbluefin rotor with its intricate bionic design. Every single rotor produced by the injection moulding machines at the Kupferzell plant is veritably unique and of the highest quality.

All products from one fabrication and one single source


Complete with the energy-saving ECblue motor, which is also manufactured in-house, as well as being network-compatible and having garnered worldwide success, every newly manufactured bionic rotor becomes an approved and highly efficient fan.

Production at Kupferzell runs in full swing, operating across three shifts. The efficient, bionic high-tech rotors are in demand throughout the world.

With good reason – because the basis of this unique plastic fabrication is the development of fans in accordance with bionic concepts, which cannot be surpassed in terms of their efficiency and performance.

However, it is not only the impressive shape that makes the range of performance of the plastic rotors unique, it’s also the first-class material used, namely, ZAmid®. This top-class composite material, developed in-house by ZIEHL-ABEGG, is extremely lightweight and stable, extremely durable and quiet, 100% recyclable and meets many requirements and numerous air-conditioning variants.