ZAplus –
high-tech axial
fan system with biomimetic blade concept, ECblue intelligent motor technology,
Efficient guide vane and flexible nozzle

Skies turn blue over London once again

01/20  The fact that the highly satisfactory result of the upgrading carried out on the building of a major London-based food company using ZIEHL-ABEGG’s blue technology coincided with a return to clear blues skies above the city, should come as no surprise: energy savings in excess of 24%, a return on capital after just approx. 24 months, carbon neutrality and super quiet operation, summarise the success of the upgrading work carried out by the British specialist in energy management, Excalibur Energy – Swindon, with the help of the ZAplus axial fan system.

Experience and expertise

30 years’ experience and expertise in energy efficiency projects in numerous industries, those on charge at Excalibur Energy also put their faith in the reliability and efficiency of the fans from ZIEHL-ABEGG for the upgrading of the air-conditioning of a major company in London. However, this is no coincidence: there is very good reason why the so-called blue technology from ZIEHL-ABGG epitomises maximum efficiency, its technical power density providing impressive and unparalleled benefits. The outstanding feature of the ZAplus fan system is the fully coordinated technical design of the system’s individual components.

Worldwide unique biomimetic vane design axial fan FE2owlet

Hightech ECblue motor technology (Energy-saving motor)

Efficiency-enhancing, intelligent guide vane

Durablee full nozzle offers three options for installation

Starting with the worldwide unique, biomimetic blade concept of the axial impeller, followed by the highly intelligent ECblue motor technology which, it goes without saying, provides for remote monitoring with predictive maintenance, a guide vane that is precisely coordinated with the unparalleled aerodynamics of the vanes, as well as an intelligent, durable full nozzle that actually allows for installation at differing heights.

This multifunctional, eco-friendly fan system provides for high pressure levels, enabling superb efficiency and, ultimately, significant energy savings, to be achieved. Despite the acknowledged and proven benefits of ZAplus, Excalibur Energy’s technicians took no risks.

Successful comparison

Multiple tests and mathematical comparisons were conducted to compare the functioning of the AC technology previously used on the building, with the new ZAplus fan system. Using the FANselect intelligent design programme from ZIEHL-ABEGG, our personnel were able to present a range of perfect analyses and comparisons of the various fan systems based on the precisely information obtained from the customer relating to the previous operating data. Excalibur Energy analysed the functioning of both systems and produced a report which found that whilst the operation of the system initially installed was perfectly acceptable, it also revealed a number of negative features, e.g. in the key area of efficiency.

However, based on the analysis now available, the huge advantages of the ZAplus modern fan system were clearly visible.

As such, Excalibur Energy anticipated an annual reduction in energy consumption of 325,000 kWh, approx. 24%, and a return on capital after approx. just 24 months. Using these positive results, Excalibur Energy presented its customer with an investment proposal and energy analysis, showing how the overall performance of refrigeration compressors and fans can be improved.

Excalibur Energy’s customer was satisfied both with the tests and analyses contained in the offer, which had been conducted in a very responsible manner, as well as with the anticipated positive results. Then, in late autumn last year, the time had arrived. After the go-ahead for the order had been given, Excalibur Energy was able to complete the project and consequently also install the new ZAplus fan systems from ZIEHL-ABEGG. It might just have been coincidence but the skies above London turned blue again.

Excalibur Energy Ltd, Unit 106 Rivermead Business Park, Rivermead, Swindon, SN5 7EX

With over 30 years’ experience, Excalibur Energy is one of the most well-established, dedicated energy management companies in the country, operating in such diverse sectors as banking, pharmaceuticals, airports, supermarkets, telecommunications, food production, hospitals, universities and many more.
Impressive energy-saving project with ZAplus from ZIEHL-ABEGG, realised by the air-conditioning specialist Excalibur Energy
ZAplus axial fan system provides for an efficient and sustainable ambient climate in this large building
ZIEHL-ABEGG Project details:
Reliable operation below 100 rpm. These 910 mm ECblue fans use less than 1/2 amp but still deliver a significant air flow volume.
Fans with ECblue motor technology are equipped with a speed controller in order to optimise efficiency and maintain the precise pressure on the outlet side, depending upon the cooling requirement and ambient air temperature.
We always use the latest IE4 Super Premium Efficiency fans with ECblue motor technology in order to achieve a 20% higher air flow volume compared with the existing fans. Increasing the air flow enables more heat to be dissipated, which in turn improves the efficiency of the compressor.
At the same time as changing the fan, we are able to conduct a thorough clean of the condenser coils.
This tried and tested upgrade avoids expensive replacement fans, extending the life of the system, reducing energy consumption and saving money.
Our client, Excalibur Energy, is the British specialist for retrofitting EC fans and works together with numerous partners to develop a cost-effective solution that produces energy savings and offers genuine environmental benefits.