12/19 The ZAwheel Christmas bus from ZIEHL-ABEGG is back on the roads again in Baden-Württemberg during Christmas 2019. Locals from Schöntal in the district of Hohenlohe, amongst others, enjoyed the visit of the “Blue Santa Claus” on board the ZAwheel bus. Comments about the visit included: “The Christmas bus brings a touch of Christmas with it. Yesterday we were treated to a superb example of what the firm of ZIEHL-ABEGG does, an actual electric bus. Illuminated with electric lighting, it looked simply marvellous and the atmosphere it created was fantastic.”

Being totally emission-free and with a virtually silent ride on soft ‘shoes’ (tyres), the eco-friendly ZIEHL-ABEGG Christmas bus gained many new admirers and created a wonderful sense of Christmas. The ZAwheel bus is equipped with the worldwide unique, gearless, electric in-wheel hub drive. With its superb figures of 0% emissions, 90% greater efficiency and a 90% reduction in noise levels, it provides for sustainable and emission-free bus travel through the streets of any city. Moreover, by contrast to competitor concepts, the impressive engine concept of the ZAwheel allows for emission-free travel whatever the weather, in cold or hot conditions. The modern, clean drive is already in use in numerous city buses all over Europe. At the same time, thanks to its excellent and proven test results, ZAwheel generates huge savings in energy costs for bus operators.

ZAwheel – Christmas Bus ON TOUR

ZAwheel – High-tech, electric, in-wheel hub drive with intelligent, integrated electronics

ZIEHL-ABEGG AUTOMOTIVE is also proving highly successful in the conversion of old diesel buses to state-of-the-art emission-free city buses of the future, because in order to meet the climate targets set by the members of the EU Parliament, simply relying on new buses is not enough. There is also a need to press ahead with exploiting the potential for upgrading diesel buses to all-electric vehicles. The economic component provides a good argument for these measures because new vehicles are still expensive to purchase even today, making them unaffordable for many towns and municipalities. That’s where the cost-effective and speedy conversion to emission-free vehicles is the perfect answer. This view is also shared by the politicians e.g. in the state of Schleswig-Holstein who provided financial support for retrofitting the first MAN bus for public transport use.