Computer centres and climate protection

01/20  Big and powerful, bright orange and white, unmistakable yet discrete, the state-of-the-art futuristic-looking, mega central air-handling units from Menerga which have been developed and built for sustainable, superb air-handling in a new, large-scale computer centre project near the Swabian metropolis of Stuttgart. In this challenging project, in which a 2.4 MW data centre infrastructure was built at each of two locations, Menerga’s team of cooling and air-handling experts put their faith in the “efficiency-maker” ZAbluefin – the high-efficiency centrifugal fan, with ECblue motor technology, with design inspired by Nature, from ZIEHL-ABEGG.

The blue, highly-efficient fans, with their unique, Nature-inspired vane concept, synonymous with maximum performance in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness and with a carbon footprint that delivers unparalleled energy savings and emission-free operation, were the perfect answer for the energy-saving concept created by the demanding efficiency professionals of Menerga.

„”As a supplier, we attach great importance
to high-efficiency technology and in this project
that’s been guaranteed with ZIEHL-ABEGG!”


The result was an interplay that works: One “efficiency-maker” gives the air the intelligently constructed and architecturally planned freedom which it needs in order to develop high efficiency, whilst the “efficiency-maker”, the blue technology from ZIEHL-ABEGG, delivers the intelligent stability using precisely the right fans, where the efficiency is turned into sustainable energy savings.
Thanks to a close and professional working relationship, the project quickly took shape. Today, 156 ZAbluefin fan units are in use in 24 intelligent central air-handling units, each delivering 200 kW of Menerga cooling capacity, contributing towards the energy-saving operation of the data centre. Incidentally, the high efficiency of the cooling performance is guaranteed exclusively through free cooling or adiabatic cooling. The overall concept of this interaction is impressive.

ZAbluefin: Bionic, centrifugal fan, in ZAmid® technology, offering unbeatable efficiency and energy-savings potential plus 100% sustainability. The blade design, developed in accordance with knowhow inspired by Nature, makes the fan unique, gives it incomparable flow agility (potential of up to 7% greater efficiency) and reduces the noise level to a minimum.

The result, taking all the environmental concerns into consideration, was the development of a significant, reliable cooling and air-handling concept for the newly planned data centre project.
And when we now talk about “data centres creating climate protection”, this can be readily justified. The technology installed ‘behind the scenes’ does more than just operate sustainably, on an eco-friendly and emission-free basis. Despite the constantly growing demands of an ever-increasing number of data backup processes, server stations and IT equipment, with the associated continual rise in the amount of heat generated, this technology ensures a reliable system for heat dissipation control and, above all, for delivering an energy-saving, optimum cooling performance, providing reliable and pioneering support for the operation of sensitive equipment in the data centre.

Menerga: Detailed examination of the equipment plans
Menerga: Controls are tested

The new data centre project is one of many outstanding projects worldwide from Menerga. Here again, it has succeeded in meeting the challenge of having created something significant.

We at ZIEHL-ABEGG are pleased to have been part of this project because it is a known fact that fulfilling the highest standards in delivering the best in air and drive technology from our company has always also been an unwritten law at ZIEHL-ABEGG.
This was a superbly coordinated collaboration arrangement, ultimately producing an impressive result for everyone involved.

Menerga: The units are explained in detail
Menerga: Final inspection of the units