In their nature paradise, the ZApilot* bee station, created by ZIEHL-ABEGG on the ZIEHL-ABEGG factory site, the bees, that have long since made the place their natural home, are already working tireless and diligently to collect the nectar from the lush, flowering meadow environment of the nature park. Planted with grasses and flowers, the natural setting is located directly behind the shining blue and imposing production halls for motor technology in Kupferzell, Baden-Württemberg and the perfect site for the industrious bee population. The bees are well cared for under their helper, the beekeeper Sascha Siewert, an amateur expert in honey and bees. The experienced beekeeper takes great care in protecting and looking after her protégés on behalf of ZIEHL-ABEGG. Once again this spring, everyone involved is hoping for a fantastic harvest of the wonderful golden-yellow meadow flower and forest flower gold, as the honey is called. Thanks to the master beekeeper Siewert who subsequently finishes off the work of the honeybees, ultimately conjuring up a sweet delight for body and soul; very special guests, visitors and of course customers can look forward to enjoying the taste of this limited edition honey. After all, this special gift is also intended to symbolize ZIEHL-ABEGG’s ambitious commitment to a sustainable environment. We’re making our earth a bit bluer.



biomimetic fan system

Airflow-optimised suspension guide vanes – Conversion of dynamic pressure to static pressure
Built-in diffusor – conversion of dynamic to static pressure through the targeted increase of the cross-flow section

Special feature:
Biomimetic honeycomb structure ensures high stability

*ZApilot bee station
The bee station owes its ZApilot name to the biomimetic ZApilot fan system.
The intelligent biomimetic fan system, with the built-in air flow developed in accordance with the biomimetics concept for even greater efficiency, puts the air flow on the right track so to speak, directly to the innovative impeller blades (the volume marvel ZAvblue), which, together with the built-in diffusor, gives rise to maximum efficiency and sustainable performance dynamics. This effective system is rounded off by the energy-saving ECblue motor technology. The result is clear:
Huge reduction in energy consumption despite increased performance and significant reduction in acoustics

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