Highly-efficient motor technology


05/20   …ZIEHL-ABEGG is rounding off its range of motors in the high-efficiency ECblue series with the addition of the new ECblue072. The company is plugging the gap in the 0 to 6 kW power range with the new, intelligent ECblue072. Thanks to its impressive performance range, the new energy-saving motor, which has been awarded the Premium Efficiency Seal, fits seamlessly into the company’s complete ECblue motor series.

ECblue created for the future

The globally proven and acknowledged ECblue motor technology already puts customers and users right at the heart of the future. Equipped with the quality features that are now considered indispensable, such as totally energy-saving, reduced CO2 levels, significantly reduction in acoustics and much more, the new compact ECblue072 motor is the embodiment of permanent drive power reliability. Its new medium temperatures, which exceed the usual standard range of current motors on the market, mean that re-cooling capacities are still guaranteed even at higher ambient temperatures.

Another impressive feature is the new level of flexibility for installing the blue power motor because the significant reduction in sound emissions allows for the straightforward installation closer to neighbouring buildings or e.g. bedrooms. All in all, one thing that can be stated is that the new ECblue072 energy-saving motor offers top performance right across the board.

ECblue072 With technology in mind

• Voltage supply: 1~ 200…240V 50/60Hz, 1~ 100…130V 50/60Hz
• Output up to 170W   • Degree of protection IP54   • Max. torque up to 1.6 Nm
• Up to 82% efficiency   • Active temperature management
Sample applications: heat pumps, electronics cooling, ventilation/air extraction, refrigeration technology