27.07.2020 | reading time approx. 3 min.

Blue technology from ZIEHL-ABEGG

Technology that can withstand the tide – „MO.S.E.“ at the gates of Venice started, with:

ZAplus Fan system:

In high-tech air handling systems, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant fan systems (in three height versions for flexible installation), equipped with the worldwide unique  FE2owlet biomimetic wing design, intelligent, energy-saving ECblue motor technology and efficiency-enhancing guide vane, ensuring safe air handling and ventilation conditions in the tunnel system which is located at a depth of 20 metres below the sea for continuous service checks of the 78 mobile flood barriers.

The years of detailed, precision work have paid off – after a 17 year period of construction, the first full test of the major, innovative “MO.S.E” flood protection system in Venice was conducted on the 10th July 2020, with all the compressed-air chamber walls being raised together. Also there to witness this great step towards the final completion of this mammoth project which has spanned several decades, was the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and half the Italian cabinet. This can genuinely said to be the largest and most comprehensive infrastructure project in Italy since the end of the Second World. The intention is that from the end of 2020 respectively the beginning/mid of 2021, 78 movable flood gates, each one approximately 30m long and 20m wide, divided into three sections between the lagoon and the open sea, will protect the venerable UNESCO World Heritage Site of Venice from high water caused by constantly rising sea levels and, as such, prevent further floods on St. Mark’s Square and flooding of the entire Old Town.

78 mobile flood barriers

For this to work, an incredibly complex, sophisticated and ultra-precision technology is needed so the hinges of the mobile flood barriers, large hollow caissons, filled with seawater when inactive, some lying up to 14m below sea level in shafts on the seabed – the great depth was necessary in order to meet all the environmental requirements for maintaining the natural water cycle between the Adriatic and the lagoon, as well as to ensure the continuation of shipping into and back out of the lagoon – can be moved to their optimum position of a 45 degree angle using compressed air so that, in the extreme case, a 2 metre difference in water level can be created between the two areas of water.

At a depth of 20 metres below sea level, the high-tech air handling systems fitted with ZAplus fan systems in the service tunnel, ensure sustainable, perfect air handling and air supply for carrying out service work and protecting intelligent technology
ZAplus fan systems being installed in the Clint air handling systems

Where precision is required – fans from ZIEHL-ABEGG

A huge technological undertaking. And where precision work is required, that’s where you’ll find ZIEHL-ABEGG, with its ultra-precise blue technology designed to meet the highly complicated and complex requirements, both technically and in terms of material resistance under the most extreme outdoor or environmental conditions, highly innovative and at the same time sustainable, quiet and economic – in this special case, with its highly efficient ZAplus fan system, including the latest, intelligent, energy-saving ECblue motor technology. This is installed in the state-of-the-art air handling systems of the equally renowned plant manufacturer Clint on fixed, powerful dock stations which supply the so-called “MO.S.E.” tunnel system (full name “Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico), at a depth of 20m, under the most challenging ventilation conditions.

Venice mustn’t be allowed to go under

Partner for highly-sophisticated tasks

Clint, leading global manufacturer of centralised, hydraulic air handling systems using advanced system technology, has for many years relied on ZIEHL-ABEGG as its partner for pioneering, highly sophisticated and highly innovative ventilation and control technology, as we had already reported in the FANPOST 10/18 issue. Right at the very start, Clint had already been awarded the contract to equip this ground-breaking project with heat pumps and fan convectors and so immediately brought ZIEHL-ABEGG back on board as an extremely reliable and trusted business partner. The ZAplus High Efficiency fan systems from ZIEHL-ABEGG used here consume up to 30% less electricity than comparable devices on the market, are highly stable and robust even in the face of extreme obstacles and in the most extreme environments, i.e. salt water and aggressive sea air, whilst continuing to deliver high efficiency and economy, at low-noise and with low-energy requirements. A 100% benefit for the smooth functionality of “MO.S.E.” and for successfully protecting Venice from future flooding.

Superb collaboration, reliable partners