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Fresh air and optimum climate for growth and ripening

The growth of plants depends on a whole range of factors. It is important that they grow in a controlled environment so that they can grow optimally. Here, proper ventilation is crucial to meet the required environmental conditions, such as the O2-CO2 balance.

A unique fan system is generated thanks to a newly developed blade design in combination with a super-premium efficiency motor. The ZAplus 450 is the perfect solution for Greenhouse ventilation and convinces with an unbeatable system efficiency. The successful adaptation of further biomimetic principles to the new FE3owlet blade realizes on the one hand lower operating cost and on the other hand improved acoustics. The interaction of biomimetic blade design, airflow optimized housing and the premium ECblue motor makes the ZAplus 450 to the best solution in Greenhouse application. Designed for the highest performance in protected greenhouse climates. With this new technology, the greenhouse is ready for the future.

ECblue Motor

With ECblue motors you can reduce your energy consumption to a minimum. ECblue motors fulfil all relevant EU energy efficiency directives. The efficiency level of the inbuilt EC072 is hiding another highlight too. The motor efficiency excess 82% which is above efficiency minimum to be required by the IE5 class (Super Premium Efficiency). The active temperature management allows a constant and reliable operating over the hole life time.

In combination with our control technology, we have something unique in the market, offering a total solution for horticulture. Our greenhouse fans are:

▪ Reliable, efficient, long-lasting and very quiet

▪ Easy to assembly and usable both horizontally and vertically

This fan can be used both as a semi-finished product and completely independently in greenhouses. You can combine this fan with a suspension system, cables and various grids. Thus, we offer a tailor-made package to meet all customer requirements.

Properties & special features:

  • Composite housing in RAL 9010 – corrosion-free and UV resistant

  • Produced with one-shot injection molding

  • Unique impeller design with biomimetic features

  • Lowest operating costs of the axial fan due to optimum efficiency

  • Minimum noise emissions

Why the right greenhouse fans are so important