19.08.2020 | reading time approx. 3 min.

High-tech fan system, creating a golden age for users under the banner of climate protection

more sustainable, energy-efficient surface wind

This cooling concept has what it takes. Just a few simple steps is all it took for air handling and building technicians to install a highly efficient ventilation configuration in no time, with high efficiency and high air performance designed to meet every possible requirement for cooling performance. Where just a few years ago large, bulky, energy-guzzling fans were needed to deliver sufficient air performance, today, for these situations the square-shaped high-tech ZAcube fan system offers a level of air performance that complies with the guidelines for future climate protection requirements.

The so-called ZAcube fan configuration ensures a proper surface windwith intelligent control that is both infinitely adjustable and can be easily combined in every possible size and configuration to create the required air surface. The fan system is fitted with the highest quality equipment. For example, the impellers have been developed on the basis of biomimetic operating principles and manufactured in the company’s own production facilities using the high-performance composite material ZAmid®, developed in-house at ZIEHL-ABEGG. Powered by the latest, intelligent ECblue motor technology, ensuring maximum efficiency, operational sustainability and very high energy efficiency.


Performance is enhanced even further thanks to the so-called PREMIUM OPTIMIZER. This intelligent protective cover not only effectively protects the fan and motor from external influences but also leads to a further significant increase in air performance and efficiency levels, plus extremely low acoustics. The cover system, Premium Optimizer, equipped with a modern click system which can be easily and conveniently removed to allow access to the fan for cleaning purposes or any necessary maintenance work. This advantage, together with smooth surfaces and the absence of any sharp edges on the system housing, fulfils the requirements of the hygiene guidelines for RLT equipment to optimum effect and also enables this modern fan system to be used for production work in highly sensitive medical facilities and clean rooms.

Premium Optimizer –  The intelligent protective cover enhances the overall system performance even further, enabling it to be used in highly sensitive applications in compliance with hygiene guidelines

Modernisation measures

When it comes to installation, the simple shape of ZAcube makes the fan system the perfect answer for retrofitting and refurbishment measures, including in very confined spaces and wherever ventilation systems need to be updated. ZAcube can be installed easily and in just a few steps. Preparation for manual installation is through the use of standardised connection devices on the modules with standard screws.

Fast and easy installation thanks to standardised devices

Adapted: Dimensions of standard filters

The square design of ZAcube is adapted to the dimensions of standard filters. A flange level all the way around enables the ZAcube modules to be sealed off from one another to ensure the leak-free operation of the fan configuration.

New air handling concept

ZAcube from ZIEHL-ABEGG has opened up further avenues for modern ventilation and air handling concepts under the banner of climate protection. The excellent performance and resultant operation at acoustic levels which have been reduced to the absolute minimum, generate huge cost savings on the bottom line and a sustainable reduction in CO2 levels. Golden times for all customers and users.