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ZIEHL-ABEGG can point to a positive outcome for the super quiet “single pipe connection” ventilation system after just one year in use.

The compact “five-star” ZAventero ventilation system from ZIEHL-ABEGG, provides the catering industry, amongst others, with a relaxed, pleasant and safe working environment not only in canteen and commercial kitchens but also in cold storage rooms and elsewhere.

The characteristic feature of the success of ZAventero is its broad range of uses and applications, with maximum sustainable and reliable top performance and an incredible reduction in operating costs. This positive data is attributable to the outstanding quality components installed in the ZAventero.

At the heart of this is the corrosion-free, streamlined centrifugal impeller with blades of proven design, combined with the highly efficient ECblue motor technology. All embedded in a futuristic-looking stainless steel box, right from the start, cooled air is intelligently guided via the so-called “single pipe connection” in the airflow and, without any obstructions, flows unhindered in the predefined circuit, directly to the motor. The fact that the motor remains grease-free in the clean air flow is a unique advantage. The straight-line, modern design of the housing also allows for easy, convenient cleaning, securing the flow of exhaust air wherever hygienic and pollutant-free areas are important. The “single pipe connection” also makes the installation of the exhaust fan box ‘a breeze’.

ZAventero has been created for the world of commercial kitchens, cold storage rooms as well for oil separation and extraction systems and much more.

Modern catering in pleasant ventilation conditions with ZAventero, the professional fan exhaust box designed to meet the most stringent requirements

The successful ZAventero principle

ZAventero: Latest generation of exhaust fans, now with just one single pipe connection for the motor cooling

JUST ONE pipe connection for the motor cooling
(Add-on external cooling air)
-> no unnecessary obstructions in the airflow

Kitchen exhaust air

Intelligently guided cooling airflow
-> no need for forced ventilation with additional fan