20.10.2022 | reading time approx. 3 min.

The quietest and most efficient axial fan system on the world market

ZIEHL-ABEGG, Chillventa 2022: Successful presentation of the new ZAplus Next Generation

ZIEHL-ABEGG showcased the ‘golden plus’ of the brand-new ZAplus axial fan system and the other new developments of the proven fan system to the many visitors to its stand at this year’s Chillventa in Nuremberg.

Event also attended by a high profile figure at ARD, together with members of the ZIEHL-ABEGG Executive Board and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board 

Presentation of the ZAplus Next Generation – attended by, amongst others: from left to right. Olaf Kanig CFO, Joachim Ley COO, ARD weather presenter Claudia Kleinert, Dennis Ziehl Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Sascha Klett CTO

ZARD presenter and weather specialist explains the common denominator between the movement of air by the ZAplus fan system and the movement of air in nature

During a spectacular presentation, attended by the high profile guest ARD weather forecaster Claudia Kleinert and ZIEHL-ABEGG Executive Board members Joachim Ley COO and Olaf Kanig CFO, Dr. Sascha Klett CTO together with the Chairman of the ZIEHL-ABEGG Supervisory Board Dennis Ziehl, customers, visitors and representatives of the press saw high-tech in action in its purest form.

Further development with the characteristics of a new product

“Our further development really has already earned the right to be called a new development,” says Dr. Sascha Klett. Having staged an impressive product presentation, the Chief Technical Officer explained the facts about the new ZAplus Next Generation to the guests waiting in eager anticipation at the trade fair stand. Dr. Klett spelled it out in specific terms: “With the major new advantages that we incorporated during its development, we are significantly enhancing the standard of performance compared to the previous level.”

The golden plus – with the biomimetic silent mode, up to 4 dB quieter

The peak of the ZAplus Next Generation highlights is the new guide vane with biomimetic silent mode. The extraordinary new development of the air fine dividing function with biomimetic derivation edge, created though 18 struts that guide and simultaneously finely divide the concentrated air flow, achieves a unique acoustic noise reduction of up to 4 dB, making it quieter than anything that had come before. 

Increased airflow thanks to larger impeller diameter 960 mm with the same standard frame dimensions

The Development Department also took a fresh approach to the impeller. By increasing the diameter of the biomimetic impeller from 910 mm to 960 mm, the maximum impeller size was designed with the same standard frame dimensions. This successful highlight not only produces a 9% increase in air performance at a medium temperature of 60° C but, in conjunction with the biomimetic impeller blades which have also been upgraded, using the FE3owlet to all intents and purposes also delivers pure sustainable efficiency.

Intelligent ECblue motor technology

It goes without saying that the ZAplus Next Generation axial fan system is equipped with intelligent ECblue motor technology and is 100% suitable for state-of-the-art and predictive maintenance (IIoT) in the ZAbluegalaxy.

Very quiet, biomimetic, sustainable, climate-friendly and totally energy-saving

“Developed for the demands of the future,” says Dr. Klett, “that was the requirement for the new product – our goal has been achieved.”

All components of the ZAplus Next Generation are produced and manufactured in-house: nozzle with guide vane (silent mode) and biomimetic impeller FE3owle, each injection moulded in one piece, made from the highest quality and extremely resilient high-tech composite material. ECblue motor technology manufactured in the Kupferzell glass factory production complex.

More information about ZAplus Next Generation -> here