16.08.2023 | reading time approx. 3 min.


State-of-the-art sensor technology and a new biomimetic radial impeller design with scroll housing, allows for the capture and utilization of every option for climate protection

The newly-designed, sustainable high-tech scroll fan system RG 16V Spiralvent gets top marks in all the key areas, proven by test results during operation.

RG 16V Spiralvent

Drop-in-Replacement, for “anytime exchange”, with outlet design prepared for O-ring in accordance with DIN 3771

First fan system with a permanent, constant airflow

The new fan system is designed as a complete system in accordance with the biomimicry principle. With a static system efficiency of up to 57.7%, the performance of the new fan unit is unparalleled and in combination with the newly developed sensor technology creates a system which is exceptionally economical and ultra quiet.

Impressive components designed for the future

Everything fits together! The individual components are each specialists in their field. With its biomimetic, lightweight construction, the redesigned ZAvblue radial impeller is small and extremely compact, with fewer blades, now with a backward-curved shape. Thanks to the new design, the biomimetic impeller is an extremely efficient and sensitive air transporter as part of the fan’s overall system.

The optimized and sensitively adapted scroll housing was designed by the developers with a standardized air outlet, making it easy to use. Together with the intelligent drive power of the ECblue energy-saving motor, the optimized design of the scroll housing provides the final element in enabling air to be transported perfectly and at an unparalleled quiet level of acoustics.

The high-quality components are accompanied by a newly-designed sensor box which provides for a constant air flow, with continuous recording of the air flow, temperature, pressure and humidity readings. The result: the permanently, evenly adjusted air flow allows for an extremely economical, sustainable and climate-friendly operation.

ZAflow – Incredible, biomimetic air conduction function for an optimized and perfectly smooth inflow

Unbeatable efficiency and effectiveness

The RG16V spiral vent can be used in a wide range of applications, e.g. in ventilation technology and heat pumps in single and multi-family homes, where the system offers maximum energy savings with optimum indoor air and almost silent operation, even for installations in very confined situations. 

Optimum indoor air, in whatever installation situation

RG 16V Spiralvent fan system– construction: compact and small, even for installation in very confined situations

Applications e.g.:
Ventilation technology and heat pumps in single and multi-family homes, air curtains, fan coil units, electronic cooling e.g. for data centres and switch cabinets, office phone booths, air filters, kitchen exhaust units, vehicle charging stations