6.04.2023 | reading time approx. 3 min.

How it works – Energy revolution in the building sector with biomimetic, energy-saving fan, specially designed for a quiet heat pump

ZIEHL-ABEGG has the solution for sustainable energy savings in heat pumps

It’s the targeted inlet air flow on the FPowlet axial fan which enables the movement of air required in a heat pump in each case to flow freely, gently yet purposefully, producing extraordinarily efficient results thanks to the unique air flow created.

Premium Efficiency award – climate-friendly

The FPowlet biomimetic fan, specially developed for heat pumps, meets all the requirements to enable heat pumps to be granted an energy-saving seal of approval, and that’s not all. With its extra-large and specially designed blades, the axial fan demonstrates unique technical advantages for the heat pump of the future. As such, the extremely quiet fan is ideal, amongst other things, for ensuring the desired temperatures are maintained, even in dense residential complex developments, with no acoustic disturbances and very low energy consumption.

Extremely energy-saving and virtually inaudible biomimetic blade concept

The newly developed, extremely large blade span allows for a powerful and simultaneously smooth movement of air. 

The slightly curved upper edge of the blade (winglet) guides the air in a targeted way, ensuring a much improved air performance and preventing any chance of air turbulence.

Based on unique findings from the world of biomimetics, the blade concept on both sides of the blade makes the axial fan barely audible and ensures a smooth and calm air flow.

Highly efficient, intelligent and energy-saving ECblue motor technology effectively and reliably regulates the air required in the FPowlet, creating huge energy savings.

Areas of application for the FPowlet
Can also be used in densely populated residential areas and in situations where installation space is very tight, without loss of performance and where there is no or only minimal possibility of reduction at night-time, thanks to extremely low energy consumption and with a sound level that’s barely ever audible.

For economical and sustainable heating in buildings

In order to meet the requirements of an energy-efficient building structure from the heating aspect, as well as the political demands that will be required in the future, high efficiency and ultra-low electricity consumption are crucial. The new intelligent heat pump fan from ZIEHL-ABEGG, the original FPowlet axial fan, is at the forefront of the energy transition in the building sector.

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