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Experience what it’s like to be in a hurricane in the “Universe” Adventure Park in Nordborg Denmark with the all-rounder MAXventowlet, the biomimetic high-tech fan from ZIEHL-ABEG

With wind speeds of 70 to 165 km/h, in other words even greater than those of a real-life, category two hurricane, you’ll face winds blowing at storm force in the “BeattheStorm.com” wind tunnel at the high-tech attraction created by the founder Ingus Augstkalns.

The spectacular and very educational encounter that visitors can experience with a realistically simulated hurricane here in the Adventure Park at the “BeattheStorm.com” attraction, has only been made possible thanks, amongst other things, to the use of the MAXventowlet high-performance fan from ZIEHL-ABEGG.

Patented circulating wind tunnel technology for a unique show of storm-force dimensions with the help of the MAXventowlet fa

There is a great demand for these impressive “BeattheStorm.com” modular boxes which are offered as indoor and outdoor versions worldwide by Storm Adventures Ltd. An increasing number of municipalities, cities or event companies, etc., want to offer their citizens and their audiences this fun-based scientific attraction.

Single Storm V model

Single Storm H model

This is a sophisticated, intelligent system, developed and set up by the inventor and founder of this fantastic wind tunnel, Ingus Augstkalns. The technical operation for the scenic hurricane experience recreated in a wind tunnel is based on the 1.40 metre diameter MAXventowlet biomimetic axial fan from ZIEHL-ABEGG which creates a powerful movement of air, at the required strength level, with horizontal circulation.

Fan for delivering a reliable movement of air in the wind tunnel

Thanks to the highly efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly performance, at low operating costs, the low noise emissions also provide an enjoyable and fantastic experience. MAXventowlet is unlike any other in possessing these technical capabilities for such extraordinary applications.

MAXventowlet – Biomimetic all-rounder fan developed for numerous applications in a wide range of industries

With volume flow rates of 125,000 m³/hr at a pressure increase of 500 Pa., the high-tech fan delivers the enormous air speeds needed to simulate a hurricane. Its blade design, based on knowledge gained from biomimetic research, ensures the fan is both climate-friendly and energy-saving, with low-noise emissions as an added bonus.

“BeattheStorm.com” – The power of Nature as an educational attraction for young and ol

Hurricane simulation in the Adventure Park in Nordborg/Denmark 

Life-like, raging hurricane with destructive force

With his patented wind tunnel technology, Ingus Augstkalns has succeeded in enabling people to experience the forces of Nature which are often raging as a result of climate change, so they can learn about and deal with extreme weather conditions.

Fun also for children from the age of four with wind strengths reduced thanks to the intelligently controlled MAXventowlet axial fan

Children can also join in and experience what it’s like to face wind strengths that have been adjusted to suit their age range and in the process gain a valuabe insight into the world around them. With special sound effects to create a realistic environment for the visitors who also have a great deal of fun whilst gaining all this knowledge during their visit. Ultimately turning this attraction into an unforgettable, great day out for the whole family.

You can find more information on “BeattheStorm.com” here

With volume flow rates up to 144,500 m³/hr and static pressure increase up 2,200 Pa, MAXventowlet covers a wide range of pressures and air flow rates. The all-rounder is available in the sizes 315 – 1400 mm.
You can get more information on the MAXventowlet and the numerous potential application here