6.11.2023 | reading time approx. 3 min.


Biomimetic fan with Silent-Mode effect makes heat pumps the quietest heating partner ever

According to the experts at ZIEHL-ABEGG, the biomiemtic FPowlet is the right fan for heat pumps. It turns heat pumps into a totally new and pleasant heating experience for every user.

Protection from noise with the biomimetic FPowlet inside

The facts and test data actually speak for themselves, as does the positive feedback from the countless number of FPowlets already installed in heat pumps. It’s important to note in this respect that the biomimetic heat pump fan minimizes the problem of the dreaded noise emissions from heat pumps in residential areas.

When night falls…

When installed in a heat pump, the FPowlet biomimetic fan realises its full potential by the time night falls, if not before. Because it’s at night, when everyone’s asleep, that the benefit of the remarkable, technical application of the fan’s adaptation of the owl in flight is felt, specifically, amongst other things, in the form of the biomimetic Silent-Mode effect.

Impressive noise emission levels

Nature’s quietest night-time hunter, the owl – owl wing/Owlet – was, among other things, one of the models used by the engineers at ZIEHL-ABEGG in the development of the ultra-quiet impeller blades on the FPowlet and at the same time an incentive to emulate nature in order to achieve such impressive and unique noise emission levels. The new system performance profile, with unique, biomimetic trailing edges, represents the quietest and most highly efficient method of transporting air in the world.

Benchmark for heat pump fans

Biomimetic system blade profile with unique training edges provides for the ultra-quiet, highly efficient transport of air, whilst at the same time reducing energy costs and minimising CO2 emissions

With a very specific wingspan design, combined with the intelligent ECblue energy-saving motor technology, the special FPowlet fan today reduces the noise from heat pumps to the lowest possible level and, as such, also making it the new benchmark in this area.

The future of “heating” is in the best hands

This impressive fan was created in order to perform the balancing act between the technical implementation of the ultra-quiet impeller blades on the FPowlet biomimetic fan with its energy-saving motor ECblue on the one side and, on the other, achieving a precision fit in what are at times, or in fact in most cases, very confined spaces for installing modern heat pumps. Specially developed for working in synergy with a wide variety of heat pumps, this link makes every home completely quiet, pleasantly warm or pleasantly cool and is both climate-friendly and hugely energy-saving.